11 Jan 2008

Green councillors arrested for Oxford tree protest

Dr. Wall said

'Mike Woodin, a former Green Party Principal Speaker and Oxford Councillor, had to climb trees in Oxford to stop them being cut down unnecessarily. It is sad that his widow and Green Party councillor Deborah Glass Woodin is now being arrested for defending Oxford's environment.

"How can we object to rainforests being clear cut in Brazil and Papua New Guinea, when we cut trees for no pressing reason in Britain?

"I have sat in trees, in front of bulldozers and occupied offices as such direct action is still sadly needed

"Just as much as winning elections, non violent direct action is part of the Green Party approach to change. Deborah and the Oxford Greens provide an inspiring example."

Lib Dem tree "vandalism" condemned by Tatchell

Oxford – 11 January 2007

Responding to Oxford city council's attempts to cut down 40-plus
mature, majestic trees around the site of the proposed Westgate
shopping centre extension, Peter Tatchell, the Green Party
parliamentary candidate for Oxford East, said:

"This is an outrageous act of environmental vandalism by the Liberal
Democrat-controlled council.

"It makes a mockery of the Lib Dem's supposed commitment to green
issues. In Oxford, they are reckless, irresponsible tree-destroyers.

"Part of the Westgate development is still under judicial review.
There was no public consultation on the axing of these trees. In these
circumstances, this destruction is premature, unnecessary and has no
public mandate.

"Local councillors were not informed, which is contrary to the agreed
policy that they should be advised before any trees are felled.

"The aggressive behaviour of the police towards peaceful protesters is
deplorable. The arrest of Green Party councillor Deborah Glass-Woodin
looks like an abuse of police powers.

"According to an eye-witness, the police arrested Deborah on a public
pavement for trespass, roughly handcuffed her and dragged her
physically to a waiting van. She was detained for four hours," said Mr

Further information:

Peter Tatchell - 020 7403 1790

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Anonymous said...

There are currently plans to fell two healthy London planes on Belle Vue Island in Great Malvern Town Centre.

The District Council have ignored a report from their own Planning Dept recommending that the trees are not removed and have chosen not to take into consideration an independently commissioned report by the Save The Belle Vue Two Campaign, which also recommends that the trees are left where they are.

Instead, the Council have commissioned a report from the Forestry Commission in Farnham which could cost £500+

It appears that they have pre-empted a favourable outcome as they have allocated £5000 for the removal and replacement of the trees in their Medium Term Financial Plan!

So what's the real reason for felling trees?

Cllr Hall-Jones, a member of the Partnership that requested the removal of the trees, said:

"they were not a traditional type of tree for Malvern, and its large leaves caused problems by being slippery underfoot."

He also says that "nothing grows beneath their canopies, and that if they were allowed to grow any larger, they would cause problems for Belle Vue island as a centrepiece for Malvern in Bloom."

Cut down two healthy trees in a bid to win Britain In Bloom?

You couldn't make it up!

More info:


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