30 Aug 2009

Alan Garcia has filled too many graves!

I became a journalist to find out how they killed my father, to discover where his body is, and to take those responsible for his death to court,” Boris Ayala told IPS. “I am not going to rest until I find out the whole truth.”

There are reports today into an investigation into mass graves in Peru, during the 1980s the Garcia government fought a brutal war against Shining Path (a pretty vicious Maoist group), there were killings on both sides of civilians, the government killed 10,000s.

This is still not fully investigated.

Today Alan Garcia is in government again and is brutally suppressing the indigenous people, who are not guerilla fighters, but are using non violent protest to stop their land being stolen and the rainforests being destroyed.

On June 5th the indigenous at Bagua were massacred, many of the bodies appear to have been removed and dropped into rivers, (Alan Garcia has at least learnt to hide the bodies with greater care!).

Remember this is what it is all about. In the rush to get oil, biofuel, gold, coal, other resources, indigenous people and peasants are crushed and their land stolen by corportations who bribe governments....and green washing hypocritcs distract attention with some tree planting and calls for us to switch off lights.

Real green politics is in La Selva!

Any way rant over....workshop at climate camp today on the indigenous in Colombia and Ecuador, if I am down in time, will try and let people know about the brave lucha indigena of my friends in the Peruvian Amazon!

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