11 Aug 2009

Freepost facts.

The great freepost debate....skip this unless you are interested in internal green party politics....but I think it needs an airing given rumours.

The facts about Freepost

What is Freepost?

The Freepost scheme uses the Royal Mail’s provision of free postage for an election leaflet in national and European elections to reach voters. These can be either individually addressed to every voter, or delivered to households unaddressed.

How is it done?

Getting leaflets to Royal Mail according to their complex requirements, and printing them in large bulk to minimise costs, requires the use of contractor.

Who has responsibility within the Green Party executive for the scheme?

The elections co-ordinator, who reports to Gpex, which then has collective responsibility as the underwriter of the scheme.

What is my view of the scheme?

An addressed Freepost is clearly essential in our target Westminster seats, and household-delivered Freepost is essential for every serious campaign in conjunction with Target to Win (TTW).

So what’s happening now?

There are no plans to close new applicants to the freepost scheme nor refuse to proceed with applications that are already under way. Every local party that wants Freepost and has the money to pay for it will have freepost.

This is guaranteed and there has never been a suggestion from me (or anyone else at a GPEx meeting that I’m aware of) that local parties should be denied this option.

Are there misunderstandings about Freepost?

There are two issues around freepost that have come up that could be the source of the inaccurate rumours that are currently circulating;

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