29 Aug 2009

Sarawak, land stolen from the people, rainforests destroyed

John Gormley flew to Indonesia and wrote anodyne rubbish on his blog about climate change.

He should have stayed at home but put his energy into supporting communties right across Indonesia whose land is being stolen, a process which when it takes rainforests wrecks our chance of dealing with climate change, while increasing poverty for local people and abusing human rights.

corruption, land seizures, the destruction of sacred and beautiful landscapes for profit, in Ireland its about bulldozing Tara

There are two types of green politics, the real one is about resisting enclosure.

This is from Al Jazeera today

In the jungles of central Borneo, loggers and native tribes, environmentalists and plantation companies, rights lawyers and government developers are now locked in an increasingly desperate battle.

The future of one of the world's last great rainforests is at stake.

The outcome of this fight could determine much beyond Borneo's borders too, as environmental scientists become increasingly alarmed at the effect deforestation taking place here is having on the world's weather.

The current front line in this confrontation lies about 160km inland from the town of Miri, in the Eastern Malaysian state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo.

In recent days a string of barricades have gone up in this region, the Upper Baram river, as native tribespeople try to prevent logging and plantation companies entering what the tribesmen see as the last remnants of their land.

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