Peru indigenous solidarity meeting 27th August

7pm to 8pm Exmouth Arms, near Euston, 27th August.

The main speaker will be Oscar Blanco, son of Hugo Blanco, the Peruvian revolutionary and publisher of Lucha Indigena.

Will be getting some proper publicity out soon but for now put it in your diary.

The ecosocialist struggle is stong in Peru but the government are very happy to beat, imprison and kill indigenous people who resist rainforest destruction.

Hugo Blanco will be speaking in Britain in June 2010 with support from members of Socialist Resistance, Green Left and the Green Party.

So several reasons to watch this space.

The Peruvian indigenous leader Santiago Manuin, despite his injuries seems to be slowly getting better, but Alan Garcia is still keen to repress him.

Right off to the Isle of Wight tomorrow for the Vestas workers rally....workers and the indigenous are showing the way on climate change at the moment...


Peter N. Jones said…
Thanks for the heads up on this. Would love to know more so I can post it on the Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources site and let our international readers know about it. Please send me an email if possible when you have full details pnj @
Derek Wall said…
Hi Peter,

all the details here



and have mailed you

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