28 Aug 2009

David Flemming: is economics without growth possible?

David Flemming: is economics without growth possible?
Space 9, Mon, 14:30-16:00

It is widely agreed that our economy cannot continue to grow indefinitely. Environmental damage and resource depletion will see to that. And yet, if growth were to be halted, then the economy would be destroyed in another way: it is a dynamic system which (like a bicycle) depends on forward movement to maintain its stability. This is the growth curse. The market economy is damned if it grows, and damned if it doesn’t. There are solutions to this, but they are very difficult ones, extending far beyond a reform of the financial system. The workshop will explore them. David Fleming is an economist, inventor of Tradable Energy Quotas (TEQs), and author of Lean Logic: The Empowerment Dictionary (forthcoming).

I did a workshop with David, a while back, I really expected the worst, am not pro Tradable Energy Quotas, for a start.

But I was impressed, really fascinating person and very hip to commons.

You may disagree but you will I am sure enjoy...so get a long to his workshop at the climate camp.

There is certain amount of slightly flaky and poorly thoughout green economics but not from David!

I am also doing a workshop but frankly he is more interesting than me! Still not sure if mine clashes with his, which would be painful if I have to leave my own workshop to listen to him....

Must admit I love the climate camp...Wat Tyler Road is the venue....is there a Kropotkin Avenue, near a power station or an Engels Mews near an airport they can use for another gathering.

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Jack Kelly said...

I would have loved to attend this talk but I couldn't make it :(. I wonder if anyone recorded it?

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