17 Aug 2009


On Monday September 28th the Barbican are hosting the UK’s first screening of the documentary “A Pirate for the Sea”. The film focuses on the life and work of Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

In its 32 years, Sea Shepherd has rammed and disabled over a dozen whaling and illegal fishing vessels on the high seas, and scuppered others in ports by sneaking aboard and opening valves to let in seawater. Other tactics include fouling propellers with entangling lines, hurling aboard nausea-inducing stink bombs and cellulose powder to make the decks slippery, and direct high-speed ramming. They run Vegan vessels and have sunk more ships than the Canadian Navy without injury or loss of human life, and all without being convicted of a crime in any court of law.

Mark Sanders-Barwick of Sea Shepherd UK will be introducing the documentary and holding an audience Q & A afterwards.

Tickets can be purchased by following the link below:


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