Daniel Hannan Tory MEP attacks NHS

You can listen to the Conservative Party MEP Daniel Hannan say that the NHS has been a 60 year mistake.

dread to think what David Cameron's party will do when they get into power do to the NHS.

They should kick Hannan out, stealing expenses is one thing but stealing our NHS will really hurt all of us in Britain.

He should be ashamed of the kicking he is giving poor Americans who often lack access to proper health care and being uncritical of the huge profits made by US health corporations.

Socialism its about fair access, capitalism its about selling your grand mother.


Spot on as always Derek
Seems a tough thing to do.
Lee Peck said…
What was he actually saying? Was he expressing glee at 45 million plus Americans with no health care.

Even right wingers are in favou tof a residual safety net. Is not universality juts nationalisation for its own sake.

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