Horror on the cheap 'Carnival of Souls' (1962)

Hah! Worked out how to embed youtube really easy, use copy the embed and paste in directly, hah.

So now I am a film blogger at another green world as well as a cheerleader for Marxist-Elinor Ostrom thought and action.

Well saw Carnival of Souls last weekend, magic!

This Island Rod takes up the story:

Herk Harvey’s solitary but celebrated midnight matinee masterpiece is an indelibly creepy no-budget work that could possibly be called the film that Ed Wood might have made. But it honestly works a magic reminiscent of Carl Dreyer and anticipatory of the stylisation of Stanely Kubrick (in The Shining), David Lynch (especially in Lost Highway) and the directors of a thousand music videos, in large part for exploiting the simplest and ropiest of effects, from pancake make-up for its ghouls to sped-up filming of prancing ghouls, for genuinely unnerving and surreal effect.

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