New air strikes on Gaza

'GAZA, Jan. 1 (Xinhua) -- Israeli F16 warplanes and tanks had carried out late on Friday night five successive air and ground strikes on targets in eastern and southern Gaza Strip, wounding five people, medics and witnesses said.

The witnesses said that Israeli F16 warplane fired two missiles, while tanks fired two shells that all landed at empty zones east and northeast of Gaza City, adding that five people were injured.

Paramedics said that local ambulances took five Palestinians from eastern Gaza for medical treatment at Gaza hospitals after they were injured. They said that the five have been lightly injured.'

A year ago the war was in full swing.

As an anniversary the Israelis have launched air strikes in Gaza.

The world seems to have abandoned Gaza.

An coming Tory government is likely to be even more pro Israel than Brown.

Obama has done nothing to halt the spread of settlements.

The war machine rumbles on.

Protest can seem futile but you have to keep on.


Mr Andy C said…
Not surprisingly they launch an attack during the Pakistan terrorist attack so that the news barely reaches the mainstream media.

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