Salma Yaqoob to address Green Left meeting

Salma Yaqoob will be addressing the forthcoming Green Left meeting in Birmingham, Green Left and local Green Party members in Birmingham will be doing some election leafletting for Salma on the same day 30th Jan.

I am in fact going to be helping Caroline Lucas on 30th Jan but I hope to get to Birmingham again soon to support both the Green Party and Salma's General Election campaigning in the city.

Salma and Caroline are both inspiring women political leaders and good friends of Green Left.

I am working very hard to get both of them elected as MPs, please join me. In a bleak political landscape they give real hope, but hope will only become real with solid action on the ground, leafletting, canvassing, donating.

There is a lot of whinging, splitting and apathy on what passes for much of the British left, solid action is necessary.


傷心 said…
Steve Wallis said…
I agree that both Salma and Leanne would be wonderful MPs if elected, and I hope to be able to help in their election cmaapaigns.

Can I use this opportunity to plug another Green Party candidate - Gayle O'Donovan for Manchester Central. She is Secretary of Manchester Green Party, and affiliated with Green Left I think. When I first met her at the Convention of the Left (at the time of Laobur's 2008 September conference in Manchester) she called herself an "anarcho-socialist"; I didn't know she was a Green at the time...

PS Oh yes, I've written two songs for Gayle - Donovan's Doorway and Beautiful. See the Galaxia website or the Galaxia MySpace page.

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