Last day to sign the Freedom Pass petition.

Most policies aimed at tackling change don't work and involve increasing taxes, a policy that does work and gives something back is the Freedom Pass which allows pensioners to travel free by bus....what a great idea for helping pensioners and helping to reduce car use.

Its an open secret that it will be abolished soon with a cry of spending cuts.

The petition to protect the Freedom Pass currently has over 18,000 signatures but closes tomorrow...please sign if you haven't done so and spread the word.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to intervene to secure the Freedom Pass by protecting the previously agreed level of concessionary travel funding for London, for 2010-11, from the proposals currently being consulted on by the Department for Transport that would cut £29 million of agreed funding for the boroughs, following the DfT’s re-opening of a 3-year funding deal in its third year

To sign go here


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