3 Jan 2010


Climate sceptic talk rubbish, except on one point, the environmental can be a means to personal ends amongst those who seek to preserve not future generations but their own power and wealth.

Politics sadly attracts vultures.

Vultures in an ecosystem play a vital role.

Scavenging politicians who paint themselves green play no useful purpose.

They threaten ecosystems by making ecology look like a vain excuse to pursue personal self-interest.

ENVIRONMENT minister John Gormley used a €735-a-day limousine service on personal visits to the London Eye and a West End show.

Details of a St Patrick's Day visit for the minister show that Gormley had the use of a Mercedes people-carrier for up to 15 hours a day during the trip.

The bill for the vehicle, hired through Cartel Direct limousines and luxury cars, was €3,580, according to documents released by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

According to Gormley's official itinerary, the day of 17 March began with a 10am meeting with Andrew McKinlay, a British MP.

The rest of the day, right up to the time of his departure at 9.50pm from London Heathrow, was marked "private".

Official invoices reveal, however, that a hire car was made available that day for the minister's use for 14 hours, at a cost to the taxpayer of £560.

Don't ask me what his stay at the Dorchester cost.

This is in the context of an Irish government making savage cuts.

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