18 Mar 2007

Cameron and compassionate conservatism

We would love to think they are 'compassionate conservatives', especially as New Labour are so far to the right.

However Cameron and co will still work for the corporations if they gain power, we will just have a change of emphasis...

this is from 'action without theory' blog

Tory leader David Cameron is secretly promising business leaders that - if elected - he will take away rights workers and trade unions have won in the last ten years.
I am told Cameron briefed bosses at a meeting in Leeds, at the office of the Yorkshire Post newspaper.
He promised to "roll back" legislation like rights for workers to vote to force their employers to negotiate with trade unions. One of the places where this has happened is Yorkshire Post Newspapers.
Union recognition - as this is called - has given thousands of workers the chance to negotiate proper pay scales, challenge the long hours culture, and stand together against bullying bosses.

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