16 Mar 2007

Derek Wall takes on climate denier on David Frost Show

I am on with David Frost,aljazeera TV, arguing with climate denier Christopher Horner, tonight (if you are UK). ...I think at 6.30

Christopher Horner is one of the few 'deniers' who will still debate on TV apparently. He is slick, humourous and even has some good points, for example, I agree with him that Kyoto is too weak (but it is too weak cos of deniers like Chris, who make it difficult for policy makers to cut the emissions).

Emissions trading is something I must get back to discussing another day.

In text he is very US neo-con populists....climate change is a plot by anti-capitalists...European socialists (i.e Blair) trying to bring down the US economically.

In the flesh he is rather more convincing.....but it amounts to using the fact that climate science is complex as a way of grouping doubts to prove that nothing is happening.

I was please though to do this by video link, with the climate deniers flying less and doing stuff from a studio there is hope.

Be nice if Al Gore stopped flying.

Denier sounds strong but the Competitive Enterprise Institute who Chris works with took the Phillip Morris dollar and attacked passive smoking.

I read from the Economist (issue out today) that smoking is the biggest cause 140,000 a year just from lung cancer of death in the US....tobacco denial from libertarians helped build a mountain of skulls, so although it is good to get a contrarian view and fun to argue on tv, the real cost of the revisionists could be high.

Exxon have now cut their funding to the CEI

CEI are anti-Linux as well!

Why can't the 'free marketeers' work for freedom instead of cash from corporations?

I think we know why?

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Anonymous said...

Derek. Crikey arguing with Christopher Horner!!!! I saw him on C4 News a year(?) ago being interviewed by Jon Snow. Horner came on like a thug in a suit with a machine gun delivery style and had Snow pinned aaginst the wall and seriously struggling.

I subsequently e-mailed Snow saying if these people are to be interviewed much preparation needs to be done and thought given to how to tackle them. They are not, emphasise not, interested in reasoned rational debate. I actually wonder if it is in any way useful trying to engage with these people.

How did you get on? Did you survive?

Douglas Coker

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