11 Mar 2007

I escaped from hospital and made my way to Question Time

I think Bernard Matthews has taken revenge for loss of sales over my BBC news bird flu comments, incidentally like all good capitalists when there is a down turn in sales he slashes the work force rather looking to an ethical alternative, did he inject me with the virus? Who else have I upset....come down the usual 429 suspects from the orthodox of Tibet to the green right to young liberals everywhere..

I have had the flu and struggled on but it has kept me from virtually all useful communications.

In fact this is me, I have escaped from hospital and I am making my way to do the Green Party Principal Speaker spot on Question Time on thursday, If you watched you will know that I got as far as the Lake District and didn't make it to the Newcastle venue.

Question Time, well Sian Berry was lucky enough to get this fantastic opportunity, you can see how she did here? (pod cast only for a couple of days so get in quick).

Seriously, the photo is from the great horror film about the flu '28 Days Later' which my teenage son Vince alerted me to, thanks son (don't watch it yourself until you are 18, the eye gouging bit is quite nasty! but i will get you the graphic novel if there is one).

Right lets do another line of asprins....those pacts of rubbish drugs for colds and flu are rubbish, with the death of patent you can buy asprin for 15p instead of the packet stuff with a bit of added caffeine and 'sunset yellow' for £2.94

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tim said...

Hey Derek. Did you catch this in the current Monthly Review?
It's an interesting and quite ecosocialist 'editors response' to some arguements made by 'Socialist Register' contributes. The response references Bellamy Foster's recent and excellent 'Ecology of Destruction' article. I recommend giving it a look. Oh, and get well!

Doug Ford Jr has a message for Elizabeth May, Caroline Lucas and all the Greens!

Sat at a computer in the library, I am aware that the woman looking at the screen next to me is becoming increasingly agitated.  ...