1 Mar 2007

Did David Cameron kill Bambi's mum?

I bumped into to George Osbourne at the first of this year's Reith lectures (Jeffery Sachs) yesterday...I should have asked him if David had killed Bambi's mum?

Cameron is said to be a keen deer stalker who takes family holidays on a Scottish Island, teeming with wildlife, that he kills! Well deer anyway.

He is also said to be pro-fox hunting, During last year's Conservative leadership contest, Mr Cameron, who has foxhunted in the past, told one pro-hunting Tory MP: 'You must vote for me because I am the only candidate to have hunted with two mounted packs.' More here

Seems like fun for the well off rather than an ecologically motivated hobby to me.


scott redding said...

the telegraph, on the 27th of february, elaborates that cameron is:

"one of the few skilled enough to shoot two stags in one go. Mr Cameron ... goes shooting on a 20,000-acre estate, which is owned by his wife Samantha’s stepfather, Viscount Astor."

a 20 000 acre estate, what an ordinary just like you and me guy!

Anonymous said...

So what if he shot and killed a dear? So long as it was quickly killed and he used it for food that is fine by me.

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