14 Mar 2007


Well still shaking off the avian illnesses and quite busy. What should I put in my Green Party conference speech for nextweek? How should Brown by challenged on his budget? And all the usual dodgy internal politics you get not just in the green party but I guess in most institutions....dear oh dear, you all know who you are and will be named and shamed in due course!

Any way got sent this by my union the UCU, please support!

To members and likely supporters of UCU's 'sustainability network' :

1) The following EDM is being promoted in support of workplace environmental representatives. You may wish to encourage your MP to sign this. This is just one aim of UCU's 'sustainability network' .


John McDonnell

Mr Elliot Morley

Tony Lloyd

Colin Challen

Nia Griffith

Mark Lazarowicz

* 8

Mr Andrew Love
Mark Durkan

That this House notes the warnings set out in the Stern Report about the potential economic effects of climate change; strongly welcomes the fact that the Climate Change Bill will legislate to reduce carbon emissions by 60 per cent. by 2050; believes that trades unions and their 6.7 million members have a vital role to play in this task by working for best environmental practice in the workplace by negotiating sustainable workplace agreements with employers; notes that the Department of Trade and Industry is currently reviewing facilities and facility time for workplace representatives; and urges the Government to use this review to respond positively to the campaign for trade union environmental representatives to be given the same rights at work as other trade union representatives.

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