7 Mar 2007

The high cost of low prices

Wal-Mart contributed to 206 members of Congress who voted for the 2005 energy bill, one of the most harmful anti-environmental pieces of legislation in the past decade. The energy bill turned back the clock by weakening environmental laws and giving away billions in tax breaks and subsidies to oil, gas and coal companies. From

Derek Wall were sceptical about whether companies would ever really be part of the solution.

Well what I did say was that it was inappropriate to praise ASDA Wallmart, which Jeremy Leggett did for their zero carbon policy, that green politics was about justice not just the environment and that a company that pushed wages down for producers and steam rollers local economies, should not be seen as green.

The best movement was when Chris Huhne refused to rule out a moratorium on new runways, clearly the Liberal Democrats can be embarrassed into a stronger position.

For more on the Exxon meeting and how to fight corporate driven global warming click here.

Is Walmart green? Read here

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