19 Mar 2007

Crikey arguing with Christopher Horner!!!!

Douglas Coker said...
Derek. Crikey arguing with Christopher Horner!!!! I saw him on C4 News a year(?) ago being interviewed by Jon Snow. Horner came on like a thug in a suit with a machine gun delivery style and had Snow pinned aaginst the wall and seriously struggling.

I subsequently e-mailed Snow saying if these people are to be interviewed much preparation needs to be done and thought given to how to tackle them. They are not, emphasise not, interested in reasoned rational debate. I actually wonder if it is in any way useful trying to engage with these people.

How did you get on? Did you survive?

Douglas Coker

I am more worried about those in the Green Party who are so desperate to shut me up, they are going to abolish my post this week at conference via a referendum!

Chris Horner was a soft touch compared to political opponents with a fist full of proxy votes!

any way have a look at me on Naadir's blog which has the you tube cut.


Alan Howe said...

Do I recall you saying that the party should not be about ego or personality?
And if the party are so desperate to shut you up, why did we elect you as MPS? OK you weren't my first choice, but you won!
Maybe this is a debate about party structure and how to compete with the big boys and girls, and not YOU!

Derek Wall said...

And if the party are so desperate to shut you up, why did we elect you as MPS? OK you weren't my first choice, but you won!

by creating a post I would be embarrassed to run for, abolish my post.

I would be happen to be beaten by some one better but abolish my post seems wrong.

The leader title will not in my opinion make some one more articulate but it could corrupt them.

'Leaders' such as Fischer in Germany have taken the Greens in a far from green direction...the danger is we walk to disaster.

Matt Sellwood said...


In a comradely spirit, I must say that I think the language you use in this post is not helpful.

I do not want to 'get rid of you' just because I am in favour of a leader/deputy leader model (or, more accurately, because I am in favour of asking the wider membership whether they want such a model). I'd be sorry if you felt that you couldn't stand for such positions, as it would be a loss to the party!

Best wishes as always,


Alan Howe said...

For the record, Derek, I quite like the present arrangement and terminology, even with you in post ;-)

Leaders have an unfortunate knack of losing touch with those they lead.

But I see nothing wrong with putting this to the entire membership. If so, I shall take note of the arguments before I cast my vote.

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