29 Mar 2007

Could we beat the conservatives in Scotland

like shares, poll ratings can go up as well as down but I am encouraged by this.

Assembly elections on May 3rd, also note that the Scottish Green Party is indepedent from GP of England and Wales.

Poll by Progressive Scottish Opinion on last night's Newsnight:

SNP 34%
Labour 28%
LD 11%
Tory 11%
Green 9%
Others 4%

Projected seats

SNP 46
Labour 40
LD 17
Tories 12
Greens 10
Others 4


tim said...

Good luck on May 3rd and good luck on the campaign to save the William Morris gallery. I like the quote of his on globalization. In his utopian fictional work'News From Nowhere', he has one of the characters say this of capitalism/imperialsim:
"As the World-Market grew with what it fed on: the countries within the ring of "civilization" (that is, organized misery) were glutted with the abortions of the market, and force and fraud were used unsparingly to "open up" countries outside that pale. This process of "opening up" is a strange one to those who have read the professions of the men of that period and do not understand their practice. . .
When the civilized World-Market coveted a country not yet in its clutches, some transparent pretext was found - the suppression of a slavery different from, and not so cruel as that of commerce; the pushing of a religion no longer believed in by its promoters; the "rescue" of some desperado or homicidal madman whose misdeeds had got him into trouble amongst the natives of the "barbarous" country - any stick, in short, which would beat the dog at all. Then some bold, unprincipled, ignorant adventurer was found (no difficult task in the days of competition), and he was bribed to "create a market" by breaking up whatever traditional society there might be in the doomed country, and by destroying whatever leisure or pleasure he found there. He forced wares on the natives which they did not want, and took their natural products in "exchange", as this form of robbery was called, and thereby he "created new wants", to supply which (that is, to be allowed to live by their new masters) the hapless, helpless people had to sell themselves into the slavery of hopeless toil so that they might have something werewith to purchase the nullities of "civilization"."

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the position of the Scottish Greens on "Independence"?

Mike said...

They seem to be pro-independence http://www.scottishgreens.org.uk/site/id/4255/title/Reach_For_The_Future.html

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm aware, they're pro-independence and the smart money's on the being part of an SNP-led government coalition if the poll projections hold up.

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