26 Mar 2007


“Climate Disinformation is Genocide”

Come and target the ultimate global warming villain

24 hours of protest at Exxon (Esso) HQ

5.00 pm Thursday 5th April to 5.00 pm Good Friday, April 16th

Mass Action, 2.00 pm Friday

FAT CATS PARTY - Climate Victims Vigil

Music, Street Theatre, Workshops, Climate impacts displays

Speakers include :

Mark Lynas (Climate Change journalist and author)
Derek Wall (Green Party Principal Speaker)
Elaine Graham-Leigh (RESPECT Environment spokesperson)
Phil Thornhill (Campaign against Climate Change National Coordinator)
Shane Collins ( Grass-roots environmentalist & Green party candidate, Brixton)

ExxonMobil (trading under the name “Esso” in the UK) Headquarters is South of London, about 20-30 minutes walk

from Leatherhead Railway Station (trains from Waterloo & Victoria) . It is North of Leatherhead, just inside the M25.

For map showing location and full schedule go to http://www.campaigncc.org

(& for floorspace available overnight etc..)

Protest bike ride leaves London 10.00 am, Friday, to go to Exxon HQ, Leatherhead

Gathers under Waterloo Bridge on South Bank at 10.00 am


Exxon Disinformation is still doing damage………………… the Channel 4 programme “The Great Global Warming Swindle” not only trotted out some very old discredited arguments but also figures like Fred Singer who have long been part of the Exxon-sponsored climate denial and disinformation machine. But the programme convinced many – or at least weakened their sense of certainty about the global warming threat. There are many difficult political battles left to be won to get the radical action we need and this will make them harder………..they could take longer to win and we are in a race against time……………

To see how Exxon has been the biggest corporate block to action on climate change - why it is the “ultimate global warming villain” see http://www.campaigncc.org/stopexxon.html and follow the links…..

2/ (London)

Planning Meeting / Party-Social at the Synergy Centre,

This Tuesday 27th, from 7.00pm

The Synergy Centre is at 220 Farmers Road, London SE5 0TW. (http://www.thesynergyproject.org )

Nearest tube is the Oval : then down Camberwell Road, turn left Wyndham road, very soon left again Farmers Road & its near the end on the left.

See map here:


This is the big planning meeting for the ExposeExxon Day ….it will be a great help to get as many people together for this as we can……….and after the meeting you can stay (till late) for…

……a party/social in the relaxed atmosphere of the synergy café…….bring your musical instruments etc…

And here’s the updated notice for the mass action at Exxon HQ

(see more details http://www.campaigncc.org/exxonplan.shtml )

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Channel 4 are up to their old, shock and awe tricks again with another programme, this time in the guise of Dispatches, trying to discredit carbon off-setting and green energy tariff schemes…. I’ve found the following summary of the programme. Will be interesting to see which ‘experts’ they have consulted and whether they’ll be more scientific and balanced in their treatment of the subject this time.


Channel 4 News Science Correspondent Tom Clarke dissects the many 'solutions' to global warming being marketed to consumers, from tree planting and carbon offsetting to green energy tariffs.

Great Green Smokescreen

Days after Live Earth partied for the planet, Dispatches reveals how attempts to buy our way out of climate crisis may not be delivering. Channel 4 News' Science Correspondent Tom Clarke dissects the many 'solutions' to global warming - from carbon off-setting to green energy tariffs.

Jetting off on holidays and mini-breaks - we're increasingly turning to off-setting to alleviate our environmental guilt. It's a boom industry, with dozens of new companies springing up each year to offset everything from weddings to babies' nappies.

The UK's biggest players have a collective turn-over in excess of £2m. And now big business is in on the act with Barclays, HSBC and Sky off-setting themselves and Dell and BP selling offsets to their customers.

But are offsets really the answer in the fight against global warming? Clarke investigates a number of projects - from tree-planting in the UK to pig manure in Mexico - all of which are supposed to cancel out our carbon footprint. But do these projects stand up to scrutiny?

So what else should consumers consider? Green energy tariffs look appealing, but research commissioned for Dispatches shows they often don't make a watt of difference.

Carbon labelling is being talked up a storm, but scientists tell Dispatches that labelling may not be a credible reality for some time to come.

One way of making a difference, Clark discovers, might be to take direct personal action to lower our own carbon emissions. But given the small amount of savings each of us can make as individuals, is that any more than a token gesture?

Vote No Heathrow

Just had this via Roger Hallam of Vote No Heathrow, please spread the word. Things are rapidly taking off for the campaign now the hung...