6 Mar 2007

Just do it.

Click here for instant enlightenment (well....), just click here

Zen is essential.

sadly all this principal speaker stuff is cutting into my zazen. Perhaps I could organise an offset...this monday I got to argue with Chris Huhne MP...so I pay you to sit in meditation for me....the other week too busy for zazen cos of preparing for Hard Talk...now hard talk is zen but may be I could pay for a programme of Buddhist ethical advice aimed at teenages in Salford.

Zen Master Dogen said, "you and the streams
and the mountains are one and the same,"
you could read the fascinating article on Zen and ecology this is from but no I don't want you to read about Zen, Zen is doing.

Incidentally one of my muslim environmentalist friends told me that his Sufi order are in the tv series 'The Retreat'.....Sufism is of course strong on practice as well, so just do zen, if not join a sufi circle....but without getting into dualism, discrimination and instruction... don't read one of the hundreds of books on zen as a substitute.

Just think what a world we would have if economists did zen rather than econometrics...or as well as.

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Sadiq said...

yes just do it. thats the secret.

blessings on the paht.

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