6 Mar 2007

Npower criminalise protest

Granted in the high court by the Honourable Mr Justice Calvert-Smith, it forbids the people of a village in Oxfordshire from "coming to, remaining on, trespassing or conducting any demonstrations or protesting or other activities" on the claimant's land.

George Monbiot writes today in the Guardian about how Npower have used an injunction to criminalise protest against the dumping of waste in the beautiful Radley Lakes.

Interesting report on ITN News yesterday with film of Chinese farmers protesting against having their land stolen for development.

Free market economics spins its story as being about liberty and freedom from the big state, in reality it is based on theft, we call it 'enclosure'. Resistance to enclosure is what the politics of class struggle and environmental justice is about.

Incidentally you may have heard that there is a great push in the Green Party to enclose my position and go for a single leader.....as they say 'if voting changed anything....'

In opposition to hierarchy we erect hierarchy, in opposition to market failure and unsustainable growth, we extend the market.

So learn more about the politics of enclosure and the open source alternatives and tear up your Npower contract.

The essential text is whose common future....so good that Nicholas Hildyard had to leave the Ecologist shortly after.


Action-without-theory said...

Please link to new blog Action without theory.
I will link to you
Readers can go there now and join the debate on the best socialist novel, the continuing discussion on how much theory is really necessary, and find out about events in Accrington and Reading.

Derek Wall said...

sure thing...

merrick said...

There are other reasons to tear up your Npower contract too...

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