12 Jan 2009

Every click equals a dead kid?

Even the Biased Broadcasting Company has picked up on the fact that two of the main Arab political parties have been banned from contesting elections next month in Israel!

In other news from Israel the Jerusalem Post is pushing very very hard to reverse a poll that suggests 66% of American voters support Palestine and want peace now.

This is what the Post says

Apparently CNN is pushing a poll showing that 66% vs. 33% of Americans favor " Palestine " over Israel in the war in Gaza . We must respond with numbers and be heard. We must stand together. Thousands of these emails are going out across the world right now. Be a part of supporting Israel . See also the hateful messages being left if you need motivation to become involved. Please pass this to all concerned.

If you have not already done so, please click on the link and then simply click on the Israeli flag.

www.israel-vs-palestine.com/gz/? <http://www.israel-vs-palestine.com/gz/?>
PLEASE contact everyone you know to vote...
It will take only an instant of your time!

If you want peace you might try clicking on another flag. A bit sad that a choice of two flags is the choice, sadder still that the polarity looks like being reversed to make it easier for Israel to claim global support for its policy of killing.

Thanks to Jews Sans Frontiers from telling me about this.


Rayyan said...

What a bunch of saddos! I'm clicking for Palestine, because Palestine = Peace

Anonymous said...

What a bunch os Massos ! I am clicking Palestine, because Palestine=Massos

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