Pax Romana?

The Biased Broadcasting Company say ceasefire, not a second too soon, the crimes committed have been fear is that the ceasefire will lead to a stronger stranglehold on Gaza, squeezing ordinary people.

Ah well at least it has put the governing Israeli Party's poll ratings up, murder as they say is the sport of the elected.

Do continue to protest and lets as Greens build for peace with justice, not peace as in pacification/starvation.

The arms dealers will be happy this will have bred a lot of hate, which is always good for business and they tested lots of their products.


Anonymous said…
Looks like while they stop the attacks on Gaza, you feel disapointed, as what will you write now, this is what you asked for, so.......
you are such hypocrites, you just want something to feed your agrresion.
too bad
Anonymous said…
yep 10:11

reckon yer spot on
Derek Wall said…
I am glad the killing has paused, I just want some justice for people in Gaza...
Derek Wall said…
you will gather from the last 1,500 posts on another green world, thinking of things to write is not a problem I have and a little churlish to suggest killing is something I like for blogging reasons.
Anonymous said…
Israel should be ashamed of its massacre of civilians in the Warsaw Ghetto; oops, I mean in the Gaza Strip !!
Stuart Jeffery said…
Hi Derek,

Despite the terms of the ceasefire, I clearly welcome a halt to the killing. It would be better to see neither side re-armed though. Like many I fail to see why Israel has a right to defend itself when Gaza doesn't.
Anonymous said…

Please get some knowledge of the situation.
While Israel is a known state, if you accept it or not, Hamas dose not recognize the right of Israel to exist.
Hamas is a terrorist organization, sponsored by Iran and is recognized as a terrorist organization.
Wishful thinking of better to see neither side re-armed though, is a good idea, by it's unfortunately still rooted in the "Make love Not war" Naive dreams.
That's the reality and will get worse, See Iran Race for the BOMB,
What are you doing for that, what is the west doing for that.
As usual........... NADA
william bilek, m.d. said…
To Stuart Jeffery: What is Hamas defending itself against??? In 2000, Arafat walked away from an offered deal, and responded with rockets from Gaza. In 2005, Israel unilaterally pulled out of Gaza, and the rockets continued. Israel tried targeted assasinations and closed the borders to Gaza to try to get the rockets to stop. The rockets continued. After 8 years, and 8000 rockets, and a failed ceasefire, and multiple warnings that if the rockets don't stop, there will be an overwhelming response, we just had 3 weeks of unnecessary carnage. Again, Israel has called a unilateral ceasefire. Yet the rockets continue. What will it take for some of you to want justice for Israelis?
Anonymous said…

That's something that runs in the DNA, don't you see this guy Stuart, is "green" meaning has some intellect, but he is so ignorant in what's happening in the middle east, but..........will say his criticism on Israel
To criticize and be against Israel is trendy, you are "green" so u must be Anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian and pro-Venezuela and tomorrow maybe Iran......

I learned, that you cannot argue with those guys, as this has to be some psychological disturbance and from what I have seen it is more common among Jews.
Anonymous said…
maybe if the muslims start to protest there fellow muslim fr killing innocent people world wide
maybe they would have more of a leg to stand on. They are the murderer's and vermon of the world.
Anonymous said…
Derek said:
"thinking of things to write is not a problem"

Er, shouldn't that be "publish", as most of AGW is written by others and cut and pasted by Derek?

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