6 Jan 2009

Report from Rayyan

I saw riot police charging the first few rows of protestors with their shields, and beating many with batons. The protestors retreated about ten metres back, as did the riot police. A man had been knocked to the ground and was unconscious, and some protestors eventually were able to carry him to the police to be taken to safety. It was all quite brutal, and with thousands of us in an enclosed space like the underpass, we had nowhere to go. An old lady was wondering around in the space between the protestors and the police: I told her she should get out of there before the police charge again but she said she wouldn’t leave until she found her husband.

I am not the only member of the Green Party of England and Wales protesting, Rayyan has been blogging and demonstrating.

Take a look at his blog....and get along to the daily demonstration 5.30-7.30pm at the Israeli Embassy.

A UN school bombed today, the IDF say that Hamas fighters were using it, the UN and Hamas deny this.

No journalists allowed into Gaza...so IDF propaganda rules...I wonder whether they will claim that their own solidiers they killed today were used as a human shield by Hamas.

Looking at all the blood coming out of my TV


Rayyan said...

Thanks for the linking, Derek - thanks also for suggesting to throw the shoes at Downing St! It's the image that helped put the London demo on the radar of the world media. Images like that, which connect into big issues, can be very powerful.

On another note, Venezuela have rightly told their Israeli ambassador to sling his hook. I am glad to see at least one world leader has some courage.

You also mentioned needing some advice about how to improve the look of your blog - I'm not familiar with Blogger, and would recommend you switch to Wordpress, but I'd say in the first instance you should change the theme of the blog, as a number of other Green blogs have exactly the same theme.

Rayyan said...
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Rayyan said...

Hi Derek, just to let you know I've blogged in praise of Chavez and questioning Obama on Gaza.

Anonymous said...

Well in praise of Chavez the new king of the hypocrites
"the government of President Hugo Chávez has weakened democratic institutions and human rights guarantees in Venezuela"
"This 230-page report examines the impact of the Chávez presidency on institutions that are essential for ensuring respect for human rights and the rule of law: the courts, the media, organized labor, and civil society."
"On September 18, we released a report in Caracas that shows how President Hugo Chávez has undermined human rights guarantees in Venezuela. That night, we returned to our hotel and found around twenty Venezuelan security agents, some armed and in military uniform, awaiting us outside our rooms. They were accompanied by a man who announced—with no apparent sense of irony—that he was a government "human rights" official and that we were being expelled from the country."

and from all the dictators of the new era, you decided to PRAISE CHAVEZ by the name of WHAT..........

When Keir Starmer was a Marxist.

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