8 Jan 2009

Vote for Neil!

Neil Clark's blog is the only socialist anti-war blog in the running for the web awards please vote for him.

Given his great coverage of Erich Fromm he is pretty essential reading for ecosocialist.

It would be great if an anti-war blog won, given the present slaughter.

Here is the link to the voting.


Anonymous said...

Derek -- you should look at this on Clark's politics.

The man who's 'pretty essential reading for ecosocialist' supports capital punishment and opposes immigration, abortion and gay rights. He also denies the Srebrenica massacre. Did you know this? If you didn't, does it make a differemce to your support for someone who might as well be in the BNP? Would you support Nick Griffin if he read books you like.

No racism, no homophobia, no state murder and no Clark, ta very much.

Ken said...

Gimlet, or creature, learn to leave links that actually work, stop inventing shit and prepare for some serious grief from me.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Indymedia and Medialens activists admit they were wrong to support the anti-gay rights, anti-abortion, anti-immigration and pro-hanging Clark. What about you, Derek?

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