2 Jan 2009

Online daily newspaper will cover Green Party

Click here for this newspapers last 1,100 stories about the Green Party of England and Wales, gosh haven't we had a lot of coverage.

Free access to Star's website
(Friday 02 January 2009)

BRITAIN'S only socialist daily reached another milestone on Friday as the Morning Star website went free for the first time, allowing millions access to the real stories behind the headlines.

The man behind the transformation, Morning Star webmaster Carl Worswick, said that it was a "big, bold step."

"This is something that I have been pushing for for some years and will allow millions of new readers to see behind the lies of the right-wing press.

This is wonderful news, yes every now and again they publish something I totally disagree with but generally they cover the green movement really well and give space to lots of commentators including yours truly.

Also lets face it the Guardian has declined a lot over recent months, so we need a new newspaper and you can read this one on line now.

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