29 Jan 2009

No to Underground job cuts

The Green Party trade Union group opposes all redundancies as currently they punish workers for the criminal folly of capitalist speculators. We are particularly opposed to redundancies in those sectors, such as public transport, where there should actually be more investment and more jobs being created in order to bring about the just transition toa low carbon economy that is needed to combat the ecological, social and economic crises which we face. GPTU is therefore saddened to hear that 1000redundancies on London Underground were announced today (29/1/2009). All redundancies are evil but these are markedly in the wrong sector and at precisely the wrong time. We support all Unions in resisting this retrograde step and trust all elected Green Party representatives in London (Councillors, Greater London Assembly members and our London MEP) will join us intaking this stance. ENDS

Contact P.Murry GPTU Secretary

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