4 Jan 2009

‘No end in sight’ writes RAMZY BAROUD

A doctor from a Khan Yunis clinic in Gaza told me on the phone: “Scores of the wounded are clinically dead. Others are badly disfigured.

“I felt that death is of greater mercy for them than living. We had no more room at the Qatara Clinic. Body parts cluttered the hallways.

“People screamed in endless agony and we had not enough medicine or painkillers. So we had to choose which ones to treat and which not to.

“In that moment, I genuinely wished I was killed in the Israeli strikes myself, but I kept running, trying to do something, anything.”

Until Arab countries and nations translate their chants and condemnations into a practical and meaningful political action that can bring an end to the Israeli onslaughts against Palestinians, all that is likely to change is the numbers of dead and wounded.

But still, one has to wonder if Israel kills 1,000 more, then more thousands or half of Gaza, will the US still blame Palestinians? Will Egypt open its Gaza border? Will Europe express the same “deep concern?” Will the Arabs issue the same redundant statements? Will things ever change? Ever?

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