30 May 2010

Against Nature

Huysmans book 'Against Nature' is worth a read.

Well more 'Against the Grain', Oscar Wilde with bad attitude, Beckett's Mr Knott in Watt and Vincent Price in Dr Phibes(see video above) all come to mind.

A classic in which nothing happens. It has nothing to recommend it on the political plane, a tale of a decadent stewing in his own rich juices.

Having said that where else would you find a sex scene with a ventriloquist

Our (anti-) hero is at home pretending he is out of France and enjoying London.

His hunger was nearly satisfied. He nibbled a bit of blue Stilton, a sweet cheese with an underlying touch of bitter, pecked at a rhubarb tart, and then, to vary the monotony, quenched his thirst with porter, that British black beer which tastes of liquorice juice from which the sugar had been extracted.

He drew a deep breath; for years he had not guzzled and swilled so much. The change of habits, the choice of unexpected and satisfying viands had roused the stomach from its lethargy. He sat back in his chair, lit a cigarette and prepared to enjoy his cup of coffee, which he laced with gin.

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