1 May 2010

May Day Greetings from Asia!

Could Asia be the new Latin America? Can green socialists create change across the region. Today on May day, trade unionists are mobilising for economic democracy based on workers control, ecology and justice. Just been facebooked this.

Joint May Day 2010 statement from Asia

All over the world workers are organising ...

We are organising to demand a living wage. For health and safety at work. For compensation and rehabilitation. For the rights of migrant workers and refugees, for citizenship rights for migrant workers and their families. For the right to employment on equal terms. Workers are organising against deportations, against racism, against discrimination. Workers are organising against wars that are a disaster to millions of workers.

Workers are organising for secure jobs. Against casualisation, contracting out and outsourcing. Workers are organising for the rights of women workers. For better working conditions, to stop work becoming harder, faster, more stressful and dangerous. For shorter working hours, for paid leave and paid holidays. For affordable housing and health care. For free education and welfare, against child labour and poverty and inequality. Workers are organising for the rights of Indigenous communities who have been stripped of their land and resources. Workers are organising to fight discrimination against minorities, women, lesbians and gays.

While we struggle against these problems, we see that our planet is being ruined through reckless, wasteful and unsustainable production for proft.

Workers can fix these problems. Workers can reorganise all industry to produce for peoples’ need instead of proft. Resources can be distributed to people and places who need them so that our children will have a future.

To do this workers have to dismantle imperialism and the capitalist system. We need to make decisions together in our own workplaces, unions and political organisations about the way production and sharing need to be restructured. We need this. We have the numbers.
We control production. Capitalists will be defeated.

Read in bahasa.

Endorsed by:

All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions

Anadolu Kultur Merkezi (Anatolian Cultural Centre, Australia)

Australia Asia Worker Links, Australia

Bangladesh Saniukta Tanti Samity (National Organisation of Self Employed Handloom Weavers Workers, Bangladesh)

Chennai Metro Construction & Unorganised Workers Union Tamilnadu, India


Committee for Asian Women, Thailand

Committee for a Workers' International, Malaysia

Communications Union CEPU (T&S Vic), Australia

Disability Support Pensioners Australia

Ejaz Ul Haque Siddiqui (Pakistan Workers Federation)

G.R.S.E. Workmen's Union, India

Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union

ITGLWF Philippines council

Jatio Garment Sramik Federation (National Garment Workers Federation, Bangladesh)

Jatiyo Sramik Jote (National Workers Unity, Bangladesh)

Kesatuan Kebangsaan Pekerja-Pekerja Perusahaan Alat-Alat Pengangkutan Dan Sekutu (National Union of Transport Equipment & Allied Industries Workers, Malaysia)

Konfederasi Kongres Aliansi Serikat Buruh Indonesia -- KASBI (Confederation Congress of Indonesia Unions Alliance)

Korea Federation of Construction Industry Trade Unions

Latin American Solidarity Network -- LASNET, Australia (Red de Solidaridad con los Pueblos Latinoamericanos)

Migrant Workers Solidarity Network, Bangladesh

Migrants Rights Council, India

New Trade Union Initiative, India

Pakistan Labour Federation

Partai Rakyat Demokratik -- PRD (Peoples Democratic Party, Indonesia)

Parti Sosialis Malaysia -- PSM (Socialist Party of Malaysia)

Partido Lakas ng Masa (Strength of the People Party, Philippines)

Partido ng Manggagawa (Labor Party, Philippines)

Peace and Justice for Colombia, Australia

Perhimpunan Rakyat Pekerja (Working People Association, Indonesia)

Progressive Labour Party, Australia

Revolutionary Socialist Party, Australia

Socialist Alliance, Australia

Socialist Alternative, Australia

Socialist Party, Australia

Socialist Worker, Arotearoa New Zealand

Solidarity, Australia

Textile Garments Workers Federation, Bangladesh

Trade Unions of the Philippines and Allied Services

Unite, Australia

Workers' Liberty, Australia

Workers' Rights Coalition, Australia

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