28 May 2010

New Film 'Cuba: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism'

'Cuba: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism' is a new film about socialist activists from London who travel to Cuba during the 50th anniversary of the 1959 revolution.

Its a celebration of Cuba's achievements but a thoughtful one, with interviews with a variety of Cubans including a Jehovah Witness working on an organic farm as his religion does not allow him to be in the military, a political activist, an economist and a speech therapist who has been working to help people in Venezuela.

Its a great little film with a lot of food for thought and a good corrective to all the anti-Cuban stuff in the media, the interviews are fascinating and say a lot about the difficulties the country continues to face.....very interesting in terms of Cuban ideas of grassroots democracy and the problems of running an economy with a blockade.

If you can try and make the showing at Bolivar Hall.....the participants contrast the inspiration of Cuba with the less than inspiring realities of London with a government committed to capitalism and foreign wars.

Rock around the Blockade presents:
Our documentary film
Cuba: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism

Followed by an open discussion of the issues raised

Tuesday 8 june, 7.30pm

@ Bolívar Hall
54 Grafton Way
London W1T 5DL
Tube: Warren Street (see map)

The premiere of our own documentary made during the 2009 Rock around the Blockade 11th solidarity brigade to Cuba. It includes interviews with Cubans from all walks of life and includes inspiring footage of Cubans celebrating 50 years of the Revolution on Mayday 2009.

*Free entry

Email: info@ratb.org.uk, Tel: 020 7837 1688,


luna17 said...

Film is still an under-used medium on the left and in activist movements. Our Stop the War group recently had a showing of 'Outside the Law' (about Guantanamo), then a week later the PSC group I chair screened 'The Iron Wall'. Both events brought new faces and others who won't normally attend meetings. And both films were very engaging and informative - and prompted a high level of discussion.

Miku said...

I'm so tire to hearing about Cuba & its socialism, we the people have made to this guy Fidel a world figure when this guy is just a killer who wants to keep the Cuban people as his personal slaves. Where is the ONU and the human's right, let's stop to talk o make film about this criminal and his ROBO-LUCION and let's get some freedom to the Cuban people!!

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Derek Wall said...

yeah you like the death squad democracy where the boot crushes people like in Colombia and Honduras!

CIA put a lot of cash behind the lies.

Yes lets be critical but lets support what is good in Cuba and not dream of giving the mafia control again.

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