7 May 2010

Caroline Lucas wins and becomes first Green MP

Dr Caroline Lucas Green Elected 16,238 31.33
Nancy Platts Labour 14,986 28.91
Charlotte Vere Conservative 12,275 23.68
Bernadette Millam Liberal Democrat 7,159 13.81
Nigel Carter UK Independence Party 948 1.83
Ian Fyvie Socialist Labour Party 148 0.29
Soraya Kara Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality 61 0.12
Leo Atreides No description 19 0.04
Majority 1,252 2.42
Turnout 51,834 70.04

As predicted and as I have worked for for many months Caroline Lucas has won.

Generally the Green vote has been down tonight but we have put our energy into Brighton and it has paid off,

Well done Caroline....we are on a roll

Charlotte Vere's negative campaigning did her a lot of damage, surprised she did so badly.

Zombie party won 61, what was that all about,


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Anonymous said...

Yes, absolutely well done to Caroline and the Green Party- a thumping, solid win.
It takes some of the edge off Salma not getting in.
Lets hope Caroline can make a modest impact on the national picture and help erode the two party system / credibility gap further.
I'm also pleased that our local Greens scored very respectably first time out in the local elections with two 10%s and a 15%
Rob in Tamworth

Unknown said...

Well done. Great to see a Green win an FPP election, a tribute to everyone's hard work and Caroline's attributes as a politician. Next stop - proportional representation!! JaH guidance and blessings

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