8 May 2010

Where next for Brighton Labour Party?

Labour are in danger of coming across as poor losers. Former Brighton Pavilion MP, David Lepper, could not have been less magnanimous in the face of his Party’s defeat. He said: “I believe it is a good move for the career of Caroline Lucas but bad for the party across the city. I think they expected to win by more votes and citywide they came fourth. With a hung parliament, a new election could be only six months away and Caroline will have to defend a very small majority of 1,200″.
I disagree with his bitter analysis. Regardless of the majority, the Greens won and he should have acknowledged the Green’s historic breakthrough. Should there be a second election later this year, I would predict a majority of 5,000 plus as scores of Labour voters vote for the policies they support – those of the Greens.


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Anonymous said...

Who gives a fuck about Labour? Ecologically, they're a total disaster and politically they're beneath contempt. If there was no Labour party things would be a lot better in Britain and beyond.

The Green Party is what we're supposed to be supporting and trying to improve. Death to Labour and the old system!

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