2 May 2010

biofuel kills, do your bit to help stop it.

Dear friends,

In South Wales, biofuel company Vogen has appealed against a decision by Newport City Council last September to refuse planning permission for a 25 MW vegetable oil power station. Vogen has publicly confirmed that they intend to burn at least some palm oil if they got the go-ahead.

Written comments can be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate - closing date is
25 May. Individual letters are more helpful in planning appeals than standardised ones. For details of how to submit your comments and what you might want to say, please go to www.biofuelwatch.org.uk/vogen_appeal.php

There will be an inquiry public hearing in early September. If you live in or near Newport and are willing to take part in the hearing, please let us know
at info@biofuelwatch.org.uk

Many thanks

Best regards,

Almuth Ernsting

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