9 May 2010

Caroline Lucas MP 'Don't betray the voters' message to Nick Clegg

These are uncharted waters for all politicians. But this only makes it
more important that Nick Clegg makes his decisions based on the clear
steer given to him by voters.

In this election the British people have brought in a House of Commons
in which a majority of MPs are from parties which support reform. A
clear majority of people in the United Kingdom voted for reform of our
political system. Therefore any arrangement between the Liberal
Democrats and Conservatives must include genuine and comprehensive
reform of the political system. A commission, inquiry, or any other
delaying tactic will not be acceptable. There should be a referendum
before the end of the year which includes options for a genuinely
proportional system not the self-serving system of AV which is even
less proportional. The people should be asked what voting system they
would prefer. That is proper democracy.

The first past the post system has created a situation where people
cannot vote positively for the candidate or party whose policies they
most agree with. Instead, they are forced to vote in fear, working out
how to vote to keep out the party furthest away from them in policy
and values. This leaves us a grotesque democratic deficit and a poor
basis on which to govern.

The Liberal Democrats must not be seduced by the trappings of power.
The people have voted for reform: Nick Clegg must not betray them.

Caroline Lucas
The Green Party

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