6 May 2010

Were you up for Oliver Letwin?

Well I have hated Cleggmania and I still do!

We are urged to vote tactically for a party which will support proportional representation (except it won't, Nick having said it is not a precondition for a coalition and Brown going for non proportional AV+).

We are urged to vote for them as greens, yet Clegg has clocked up hundreds of miles by plane in the last couple of days and if they can get votes or do deals the lib dems support incinerators or mega roads like the Newbury by-pass.

And don't get me on to Trident, they support a bargain basement nuclear weapons system.

However at least Cleggmania has discomforted the right wing media and may give the Conservatives some stress.

The most important thing is to vote Green but I will at least be looking at West Dorset to see if Oliver Letwin is ousted as well as looking for a big vote for Susan Greene, who has been a local green councillor for 15 years.

The Lib dems are within a couple of percent of ousting Letwin. So we shall see...


Lady Litton said...

Yeah okay. Feeling a bit silly now? Yourself and Billy Bragg might think that we are all turnips in W. Dorset and, if we were, we would now have a Lib Dem M.P.

Anonymous said...

As one of your faithful readers(I do love a good joke) you should be honest with us and include the Y at the end of your surname.
S. Greene (Greens) 675 votes
1.8% of votes cast
O Letwin (Cons) 27287 votes
46.5% of votes cast
Who on earth is she? I have lived in the constituency for 29yrs 4mths 5 days and can, in all honesty, say I have never heard her name mentioned.
I am sure she would have garnered more votes under the banner of the Monster Raving Loony Party,'cos at least they are honest about their state of mind.

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