7 May 2010

Salma Yaqoob re-elected as councillor

BIRMINGHAM – Sparkbrook Ward
Yaqoob, Salma Respect 5,119 45.1% ELECTED
Azim, Mohammed Labour Party 3,878 34.2%
Kadir, Abdul Conservative Party 1,027 9.1%
Qureshi, Naeem Rabbani Liberal Democrats 973 8.6%
Alldrick, Charles John Green Party 349 3.1%

Don't know why some has got a whole 3% running against her as a Green, she is green as far as I am concerned.

Hopefully she can win the parliamentary seat in the future.


Anonymous said...

Because there are many people who hate Respect!

Anonymous said...

Yaqoob is not loved by everyone in Birmingham, that's for sure. She is, simply stated, an extremist and is in no way a "Green". How many muslims can be said to support Green Party policies of tolerance, respect and full equality for women? In truth, very few. Her entire support is built on appealing to anti-war sentiment and, like Galloway and Miah, is a one-trick pony. The Greens might deal with her tactically, but electoral pacts with Respect are the thin end of the wedge. As a Green party member I feel uncomfortable about some of the unthinking support offered by us to Yaqoob and her ilk.

Derek Wall said...

may be you just don't like Muslim women politicians,
I think she is great and so does Caroline Lucas.

When Keir Starmer was a Marxist.

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