30 May 2010

David Laws to resign as MP

Yep he is thinking of throwing the towel in as MP for Yeovil....I guess he could be the first MP to be kicked out if new rules come in to make MPs stand down over expenses issues, so now he is thinking of resigning not just as a minister but a member.

Lets see what happens but he could be leaving politics, according to his resignation statement.

Nice if we valued nurses, teachers, farmers rather than former city bankers as politicians like Laws.

At least he isn't taking his £19,0000 severance pay for 18 days work.....nice if you can get it.

Scandal ridden past Liberal Democrat MPs for his constituency Yeovil include Paddy 'Pantsdown' Ashdown, at least he was anti-nuclear, as a reward he was later made ruler of Bosnia.

The classic West Country Liberal scandal which had everything including the killing of a lovers pet is chronicled in Rinkagate, 'a scandal so mind-bogglingly complex (and lurid) that it somehow just had to happen in the staid, square Britain of the seventies (Rinka was a Great Dane, shot and killed by an assassin on a lonely West Country moor)....all parties have political scandals but the libs seem to make particularly major waves.

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