3 May 2010

The strange case of James Gitau the BNP's black vicar

Gitau says that he still gives advice to BNP leader Nick Griffin, telling him that “racism is not the way forward”.

But he will compete against the BNP's candidate in Croydon Central, Cliff Le May. Le May recently triggered controversy by writing to London Mayor Boris Johnson to object to “violent immigrants who have no right to live among decent civilised white people”.

Despite Gitau's views on sexuality and his use of the word “sodomy”, he claims that he is not homophobic.

The BNP's first non white member is now running for the Christian Party...

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Anonymous said...

Stop whingeing about the BNP like a system politician, Derek, and provide a radical alternative relevant to UK voters rather than Venezuelans, Columbians or citizens of some other South American country we can't do anything about or for!

Go head to head with the BNP and do as much leafletting and canvassing work. Provide radical solutions and stop being so fucking hysterical everytime something, of little interest to the average punter, happens within 1 centimetre of Grick Niffin's armpit. Get a grip, Derek. Please! You're sounding more like a a politically correct Victor Meldrew every time you complain about the BNP.

Why not provide the REAL alternative? Why not stop blaming people who have genuine concerns about immigration and resources in local communities affected by population shifts?

When Keir Starmer was a Marxist.

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