3 May 2010

Final push in Brighton to elect first Green MP

Been down to Brighton Pavilion today to lend a hand.

Its looking very good....the constituency is covered in Green Party posters.

And the Party is increasingly confident of electing our first MP. Caroline is fighting it on a strong left programme of no cuts,
no Trident, troops out of Afghanistan, no ID cards and job creation through a New Green Deal Programme. Taxes on the rich need to go up and we need to stop bowing down to the City of London.

The left in the Green Party are in the strongest position I have seen in my thirty odd years of membership.

Several hundred people have been helping over the bank holiday weekend with canvassing, leafletting, street stalls.

A journalist covering marginal constituencies told us this morning that, the Green Party office in Brighton was the busiest he had seen anywhere in the election so far.

So if you can, come and support. If you support other candidates in other constituencies on the left that's your choice.

However with the threat of three parties committed to neo-liberal policies, in my opinion it is vital to support candidates on the left who can win on thursday.

So spread this message from Brighton and Hove Green Party ''Thank you to everyone who has helped out over BH weekend. If you can help the final push in Brighton on Tues, Wed, Thurs, call 01273 766672'

Salma and Caroline's support for each other is also, I hope you will agree, inspiring.....women leaders lead on left unity.


Tired of Tyrie said...

Anyone who is no Trident and getting troops out has my vote!! Can she run in West Sussex too!!??

Jasper said...

On renewable energy, there's not much to choose between the main parties. Interestingly, Gordon Brown revealed in the second of the televised leaders' debates that solar thermal is his favoured green energy - at least in a personal capacity. He chose solar thermal over a wind turbine as a renewable energy installation at his Scottish home. He seems to be very pleased with it, and he recommended it to anyone who is in a position to do likewise.

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