2 May 2010

Green Socialist Party says 'defend the commons'

The Left are the new ecosocialist party in Switzerland, just got their May day message and stuck in google translate....ecosocialism is the future if we are going to have one, the bond markets don't take trivial things like human being into account when they decided who they want in government, so we are going to need some real thought and action, get involved with THE LEFT if you are an ecosocialist in Switzerland or the Swiss Green Party (in systems with pr choice and coalitions are possible).

Anti capitalists of all parties, unite! ...

In the face of globalized capitalism bourgeois regimes are becoming increasingly repressive and plutocratic, only one left of the left united and boldly self-critical, can expect to fundamentally transform our society.

To this end, the movement "The Left - Alternative Linke - The Sinistra" has been activated with the following priorities:

● The collection of all left forces, environmentalists, socialists and anti-capitalist, in Switzerland, participating in national collective, and in each district by unit committees.

● Participation in the creation of a national force that can influence the federal policy (currently we are presently in 14 cantons, and the number of militants is growing every day).

● The development proposals by activists of a proposed socialist and ecologist - capitalist - comprehensive and coherent - adaptable - to serve as a basis for future mobilizations and struggles.

The Left offers the possibility of dual membership, memberships are individual. Activists who take map of the Left therefore can stay in their parties, but by this accession do clearly state their political orientation by their (anti-) capitalist trend.

Beyond our national project policy, we also believe it is time to allow all our comrades to stand out from the left caviar enough concern about the plight of workers (not sure what this means via google translate!).

The left slide right government, acting to turn the tide!

The Left is also clearly ecosocialist, not imagining that ecology is possible without social justice equitably redistributing wealth, and a radical change of North - South and stating clearly and especially, that we are anti-capitalist!

(The Left) is committed to the following:

... Humanity is a precarious thing threatened by predatory capitalism.

... That work considered in all its forms must be a vehicle for empowerment, not exploitation.

... Ecological issues and environmental protection require a break with the capitalist model, a certain mode of productivist and consumerist society.

... Workers must be able to democratically influence and control decisions affecting them.

... Citizens should be sovereign on policy and economic decisions with significant environmental impact.

... Democracy must be much more participatory.

... The public interest must prevail over private interests to defend the commons.

... Justice should not sell out to the most powerful.

... Education, health, culture, social justice, solidarity and respect for nature must be the foundation of our society and political priorities.

... The land and property speculation is a scourge that prevents the construction of cheap housing and maintaining prohibitive rents.

... Financial speculation banks, and particularly of Empires "too big to fail" that drain the public coffers, must be dismantled ...

Join our National Congress founder

Saturday, May 29 at 10:30

Maison du Peuple (5 place Chauderon) - Lausanne

All information and registration on: http://www.facebook.com/l/3bf74; www.la-gauche.ch

Inform yourself, and give your opinion!

May 1 is past, and now ....

It is time to stand up and participate in the Left, to register for this conference, we must get under way now, because the Left is now, it's us against capitalism that exploits our workforce.

Frederick Lint - Secretary of National Union

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