1 May 2010

On Thursday you can help change UK politics for ever by electing the country’s first Green MP in Brighton

My local party members have been down to help today, I am going on Monday, join me, make history and elect our first Green Party MP

On Thursday you can help change UK politics for ever by electing the country’s first Green MP in Brighton.

People in Brighton and around the country want progressive change and a fairer and greener society.

If Caroline is elected she will work with like-minded MPs to vote for:

A strong, sustainable economy
Fair wages, reduced tax for small firms & community banks

Protecting public services
Opposing cuts, supporting jobs

Civil rights, freedom & fairness
Axing ID cards, the database state & the Digital Economy Bill

Fairer elections where votes count
A proportional voting system so there are more voices in Parliament

If elected to Westminster, Caroline will immediately step down as an MEP to focus on being a strong MP for the people of Brighton.

Caroline’s campaign in Brighton is winning hearts and minds across the city and far beyond.

Thousands of posters, boards and banners are going up right across the city. Thanks to your support we've knocked on thousands of doors persuading people to support our cause.

But there's still lots of work to do. The TV debates have made this the most uncertain election in living memory.

We need more of your help - between now and the close of polls on Thursday night.

Remember, in Brighton it’s the Greens not the LibDems, who can win and help deliver change for local people and change UK politics. Polls, betting odds and recent election results all put Greens in the lead with Tories second. If you want a fresh voice for change in Parliament, please support the Greens.

How can I help?

Every day from today to Wednesday night, we need help with:

- Leafleting

- Canvassing / talking to voters

- Stalls - all day, every day

To get involved just drop in to the party office at the Eco-Centre, 39-41 Surrey Street, Brighton just opposite Brighton Station's main entrance, we'll be here at least from 9am until 6pm. You can give us a call on 01273 766 670 to check details before you come in.

Polling Day, Thursday, 6 May

We need help on polling day, please offer any time you have between 7am and 10pm. If you can please email election_day@brightonandhovegreenparty.org.uk or show up at the party office on the day.

Thank you for your support - fair is worth fighting for.

You can read more about our policies at www.greenparty.org.uk/policies.html


To help, please contact the team

e: caroline.lucas@brightonandhovegreenparty.org.uk

t: 01273 766 670

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Anonymous said...

The election of Caroline Lucas as the UK's Green MP was pure JOY.

I am am huge fan of Caroline Lucas, having heard her speak several times in different settings. An intelligent and sane person of huge integrity.

We could save a lot of time and heartache by making her prime minister. Now. Please.

When Keir Starmer was a Marxist.

Canvassing in Brighton back in 2017 to support Green Party MP Caroline Lucas’s re-election efforts, I knocked on a door and came acros...