13 May 2010

Anti-corruption General Election candidate joins Greens!

Mark who was an independent candidate on an anti-corruption ticket in Bromsgrove and did so much to unseat Julie Kirkbride over expenses has just joined the green party!

Great guy, great news, glad to have him on board.

Subject: Fair is worth Fighting For! Join the GREEN PARTY!
hi foks,

I'd like to thank all 335 people who voted for me in the General Election. Our campaign contributed to increasing the turnout in Bromsgrove Constituency by nearly 4% we contributed to a fall in the Tory vote from over 50% of all votes cast to 43%. We succeed in giving a platform for the ideas of a sustainable economic future with social justice for all.

Nationally, we now face the prospect of a Tory/Liberal Democrat Coalition government which will launch massive cuts in service, contiune the unwinnable war in Afghanistan.

The one bit of hopeful news in the General Election was Caroline Lucas, leader of the GREEN PARTY winning in Brighton and Hove.

I have taken the decision to join the GREEN PARTY and hope that you will all consider taking the same step in the near future.



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