24 May 2010

Crisis in West Papua alert

Urgent Action for Pucak Jaya Humanitarian Crisis’s
Sunday, May 23, 2010 5:40 PM
From: "office@freewestpapua.org" Add sender to ContactsTo: freewestpapua@lists.riseup.net
Dear Friend of West Papua.

It is with great sadness that I write to let you know about a humanitarian
crisis that is developing in Puncak Jaya region of the West Papua highlands.
Indonesian military have been launching sweeping operations for the past week
in the Tingginambut district. Homes in three villages have been burnt, two
people killed, one lady raped, and all livestock killed by Indonesian military.

The Indonesian military are trying to find Papua freedom fighters led by
Goliath Tabuni and have set a deadline of 28th June for them to surrender. But
there will never be any surrender by the Papuan people in our struggle. We all
want freedom.

The people of West Papua need your help to put pressure on the Indonesia
Government before something terrible happen on 28th June.

We need United Nations to send peacekeeping force to West Papua immediately. We
need foreign media and human rights groups allowed to Papua immediately.

Why does Indonesia not allow any journalists or human rights groups to enter?
It is because they do not want the world to know what they are doing to my

Please find below contact details for high officials in the police and military
in West Papua. Your support can make big difference.

Thank you for your kindness and support for us.

Benny Wenda

Make phone call, send fax or send the letter to:

1.Man of the Responsible Military Operation in Tinginambut Head of Puncak Jaya
Mobile: +62 8128349090

2.Man of the Give the Bayet to Militari Operation in Hall West Papua Governor
of Papua Barnabas Suebu office
Telephone: +62 967-534395

3.AKBP. Drs. MH Ritonga, Msi Head of Jaya Wijaya District Police (Kepala
Kepolisian Resort Jaya Wijaya) Jl. Sapri Darwin Nomor 1 Jaya Wijaya, Provinsi
Tel: +62 969 3268,
Mobile 62 8128281991
Fax: +62 969 31075 ,

4. Lieutenant Colonel. Inf. Septinus Eduard Ginting Commander of District
Military command 1702 of Jaya Wijaya Regency (Kodim 1702 Kabupaten Jaya Wijaya
Provinsi Papua) INDONESIA
Tel: + 62969-31085,
Fax: +62 969 31086

5. Gen. A.V. Nasution Commander of Regional Military Command XVII Cendrawasih
(Kemiliteran Daerah Papua / Kodam Papua) Jl. Polimak atas Jayapura Provinsi
Fax. +62 967 533763
Tel: +62 969-31085

6. Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono President of Republic of Indonesia
Presidential Palace, Jl. Medan Merdeka Utara Jakarta Pusat 10010 INDONESIA
Tel: +62 21 384 5627, ext. 1003
Fax: +62 21 231 4138,
345 2685, 345 7782
Email: mallarangeng@yahoo.com

7. General Djoko Santoso The Indonesian Military Commander (Panglima TNI)
Markas Besar TNI, Cilangkap, Jakarta 13870 INDONESIA

Tel: +62 8459-1244, 8459-1243
Fax: +62 845-6805

8. General Bambang Hendarso Danuri Chief of Indonesian National Police Jl.
Trunojoyo No. 3 Jakarta Selatan INDONESIA
Tel: +62 21 721 8012
Fax: +62 21 720 7277
Email: polri@polri.go.id

forwarded by;

Les Evenchick
New Orleans

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