9 May 2010

Editorial from Indigenous struggle newspaper

Lucha Indigena is an indigenous newspaper from Peru, sold around the Amazon and Andes, with news stories about how indigenous people are fighting for mother earth, the commons and justice...have a look at their website, helps if you read Spanish or Quecha, I have put in a quick rough translate if you don't. This is about the struggle for survival, the good news is the indigenous are winning, the bad news is most sincere greens don't even know about this battle.

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The video above is about the Bagua massacre where the Peruvian government killed defenders of the Amazon and foreign governments like those in the UK stood by.

This issue of Indigenous Struggle deals mainly with the issue of global warming, because we consider this as the most important issue facing humanity and one the media hardly deals with.

For the first time the survival of the human species is threatened. Ironically, the threat is rooted in human action.

The emission of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). Carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is produced by the intensive use of fossil fuels (oil, natural gas and coal) industry and transport. Moreover, this increase in emissions in addition other problems such as deforestation, which has reduced the amount of carbon dioxide retained in organic matter, thereby contributing indirectly to the enhanced greenhouse effect caused by human activity. The result of that is the increase in temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans, causing profound climate changes: heavy rain, drought, cold or intense heat, dissolution of polar ice and glaciers, disappearing streams, thinning of rivers, sea water rise with the sinking of islands, hurricanes, and even, according to some recent earthquakes.

As global warming is increasing disasters caused by it are also undergoing. In Cusco we have suffered from floods that have covered full villages, killing people and animals, cancellation of large areas of crops, rivers of mud through villages, destroying houses. The coming years these disasters and others, will be worse.

No country is safe, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in the U.S.. The last European winter was much colder. In cities of Spain and Argentina's capital, people have walked with the water above the knees. A river of mud as they crossed the Zurite people passed through the center of an Italian city.

At this rate, mankind will not last 100 years or more. Why not stop the warming caused by humanity itself? Because the boss in the world is big business. Sets the governments of the highly developed countries and our governments like Alan Garcia are only his servants. The sacred principle of capital is to make as much money as possible in the shortest time possible.Whether for this exterminate humanity including the descendants of the capitalists. There is a group of bad people who want to destroy humanity, is the vortex of the capitalist system. If a capitalist stops a factory to not increase the emission of greenhouse gases, their place is taken by another capitalist. There can be no capitalism without global warming. Global warming is inherent in the capitalist system. While we live in a world ruled by capital, can not stop global warming, quite the contrary, every day is greater, until the human race is exterminated. The only hope mankind has is that this economic system that sinks humanity can be replaced by another in which serves humanity as a whole and not a handful of millionaires. Humanity itself will be able to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases to survive.

Fortunately, humanity is beginning to awaken. The great example of this was the World Conference of Peoples on Climate Change and the Earth Mother's rights held in Cochabamba, Bolivia, on 19, 20, 21 and 22 April, attended by more than 35 000 people although Europe flights were suspended. Those 35 000 people are a more conscious sector of humanity that is willing to defend the Earth Mother, understanding that attacks on her are attacks on humanity.They know that the collective action of people can still save humanity. This number of 'Indigenous Struggle' is dedicated to a report on that meeting, we hope that serves to increase the number of people working to save the human species defending Mother Earth.

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