16 Dec 2009

Amazon leaders letter to Copenhagen

Alberto Pizango sends letter to be delivered to
world leaders in Copenhagen

AIDESEP President Alberto Pizango Chota, has sent a letter to the brothers of the world gathered in the 15th. Nations Conference on Climate Change, organized by the UN. In the letter, he argues that a better world is possible and that today we are we must not be silent about injustice, marginalization and exploitation.

TODAY, we pause on the way and in our daily tasks to remind our older brothers, our organizations thousands of years ago dared to think and look beyond our natural resources, to look at our planet Earth as a whole as a joint problem of all peoples, of our ancestors.

More than a thousand years we resisted, proposing alternatives for the benefit of the harmonious development of our countries and the world. We look at the past to make a thorough awareness and meet our wise ancestors. But we look at the past just to remind you or to homage, but to pick up the legacy of our ancestors, their life force, their indomitable spirits that run our planet earth, encouraging us to not lose heart in the task of keeping alive our cultures, our and continued laying values in our children.

We do not look at the past and longing, we seek in it the power and vision of our people, to seek solutions to the abrupt warming that our planet is experiencing, our territory. What we will tell our children when we ask for their territory? What we will tell our grandchildren when they ask us what we did to defend them?

Let history judge us by our people what we do and what we do, virtue is not a genetic inheritance, the virtues and values are transmitted, are created and instilled. It is our intention to reflect and instill the only possibility to live in dignity, more fully, with no brakes and no chain, so many people that by dint of love and sacrifice try to change the sad reality of feelings, repression and negative experiences such as those we live today: Hunger, poverty, injustice, fear, social inequality, deaths from curable diseases, ignorance, terrorism, child exploitation and women, and so on., are and will scourge against humanity of wild oppressive systems that together we can eradicate.

Can only save our planet, our world people who love and defend all that smells of life, feuding with patience, perseverance and wisdom. The fear of future, past failures, aging of our dreams, our hearts may be dry and cushioning or killing the will to live and fight.

FREEDOM and LIFE, who knows only conquering deserve every day with perseverance and positive mind. A BETTER WORLD IS POSSIBLE, today we are allowed freely silent against injustice, marginalization and exploitation of man by man. Together they fight for the elimination of poverty, we end social inequality, protect our mother earth, nature, the good life, humanity, and raise our human dignity.

We have a strong commitment to unite the countries around the world, to make planet Earth a paradise where human beings enjoy the good life, in harmony with nature, where prime solidarity, reciprocity, self-determination of Peoples proud tell future generations where I leave the planet cool and healthy to look after him and not destroy it. From the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, I call upon all native peoples of the world to realize and the union to curb pollution, and thus the destruction of our planet, which is the embryo of our existence.

In my humble indigenous vision, I say as my brother, my passion is to defend life and the beginnings of our existence, depend upon it that there shall be my heart, my faith, unwavering courage in the struggle to defend life and food sovereignty the people of my country and the world. Backed a project of dignity, democracy and peace with social justice for all humanity.

"For a dignified and generous society, for the defense of life and sovereignty of peoples, for the defense of planet earth that is the embryo of our existence humanity alive alive the Amazon, indigenous peoples living in Peru and the World "

Alberto Pizango Chota


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