31 Dec 2009

Climate camp meeting in Brighton

just got this from the climate camp

Regional Gathering: 23rd-24th January in Brighton

We are a bunch of people who have met through climate camp. After our best
year yet - of action and camping and growing in numbers - we're fresh back
from the failed Copenhagen talks and we're mad!

If you too are utterly exasperated at the state of the world and utterly
determined to do something about it, then join us.

As local revolutionary Tom Paine once said: We have it in our power to
build the world anew.

We would add: "Yes, but it will need organising." So we're inviting all
interested parties from along the south coast to spend a weekend together
to discuss aims, plot tactics and address anything else that seems relevant.

Please contact us: southcoast@climatecamp.org.uk to tell us:
a) you're coming
b) what you want to plot and plan

Up for discussion:
What next after Copfailure? Where now and how?

On the cards:
Skill shares - camp craft and crafty actions
Hot topics and targets - Gatwick airport, Newhaven Incinerator, Lewes Road
Study the form - Climate Rush, SaveVestas and Smash Edo
Hands on direct action training .... casing joints and how to
rush/occupy/smash the building

Accommodation and vegan meals provided.

Cracking party on Saturday night.

Location provided nearer the time.

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